Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 28, 2010 Day 7:

Well I know you are all hanging onto your seats checking your status and waiting for my next post so I felt I must do it.. :-)
Today started with a blessing. This time it wasn't Gabriel shaking me to say he had to go wee.

Today I awoke and checked my FB to see a post of Ashlies blog.

She writes about the orpan and their cause. If that post wasn't enough it was an even greater blessing to re-read her post from January entitled BEHOLD where she tells the beautiful story of our wild and crazy family and how we have arrived at this point.

If you only have five minutes go and read her blog today!

Today was a fun filled day. We hoped in a taxi and after circling the round about more than once found our way to the craft market.
Well since we were the only visitor when we arrived we had everyone speaking to us and wanting us to enjoy the fruits of their labors.
These folks, everyone one of them, is extremely talented, the paintings, the wood carvings will take your breath away! I would love a wood carved bed from Africa some day but it wouldn't fit in my suit case :-).
We made our way around and enjoyed the time and are coming home with some wares from Africa.

The highlight would probably have to be Gabriel finding a wood carved horse!
He loves horses, we will have to watch that he doesn't wander down the street unannounced at home once he discovers there are horses 2 houses down.
Tanner enjoyed talking with the vendors and just soaking it all up. After this we went to the Accra Mall for some lunch and then made our way home to the hotel.
Unfortunately we weren't able to connect with the Social Welfare Director as hoped, which I was sad about as I really wanted to meet and see him again. We returned to and hung out at the hotel, sorted our clothes etc and got packed to go.
We were paid a last visit by Romana and her 2 kiddos and then had some dinner while watching, you guessed it some Champions League Futbol! After that it was time to get Gabriel ready for bed.
We spent time talking about the airplane and tomorrow. Not too many questions yet but I imagine tomorrow may be a bit different. We are ready to soak up ALL tomorrow has to offer.
Until then read Ashlies Blog :-)...and who knows I may have my Ode to Tanner up tonite too! He has had a great trip and I am very proud of him! I know he doesn't know where to put everything he has seen and taken in on this trip but it is in and he will be able to pull and reflect on it all at just the right times in the future.

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Patty said...

That's so interesting that Gabriel loves horses because they are Nathan Godfred's passion too! I wonder if they used to talk about them together?

Our neighbors' also have horses & he has proven to have an unusual connection with them. He goes right up to them & hugs them tight around their chests. They all seem to love it! So cool!